"Pledge Phi Sig Again!"

Our Chapter depends on the support of the Alumni Association to keep our House open and to continue the success and leadership of the brothers that walk through the doors.  We envision an organization that will continue to grow a strong brotherhood while focusing on academia as the main priority.

While the Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association owns the House and the land it sits on, the current 2-year suspension puts the House and the Chapter in a bad position.  Without the capability to recruit, our Active Chapter size will continue to deplete at a significant rate while the $50,000 annual mortgage payments continue for the next 4 years.

Following the significant success of our original capital campaign to build the new house in the late 90’s, we were able to build a stronger foundation than ever before. 


However, it has become clear that the House will not be able to survive and be up-kept without the financial support and continued maintenance needed to keep it open for the next generation.

Our goal is to raise over $300,000 for the new Capital Campaign over the next 16 months.  This goal consists of both Needs and Wants that are vital to keep the Chapter and House alive.

Checks Payable To:

Phi Sig Alumni Association

C/O Robin Sol

12919 W 129th Street

Overland Park, KS 66213

"Pledge Phi Sig Again!"

With your contribution to our Capital Campaign, Phi Sig will be able to continue the great traditions and values that will be passed on for generations to come.  It will also help to secure the financial future of Epsilon Nu.  940 College Avenue will remain the staple it is known for on campus and nationally: the “Promotion of Brotherhood, the “Stimulation of Scholarship”, and the “Development of Character”.

We invite you to help bring this goal to reality.  Join us in continuing the long legacy of the great Men of Phi Sigma Kappa - Epsilon Nu like Bill Mackintosh and Chuck Place.  As brothers, let’s “Pledge Phi Sig Again”.  You can make gifts of cash, credit card, check, or pledge your gift monthly/yearly.  We are also accepting non-monetary donations for the house, i.e. a/c units, building materials, water heaters, etc.  

We are pleased to review the naming opportunities for this project. 

  • “Circle Club”:  $1 - $939 – Recognition on Donor plaque

  • “940 Club”: $940 - $4,999 – Small Brick & Recognition on Donor plaque

  • “Kappa Club”: $5,000 - $9,999 – Medium Brick & Recognition on Donor plaque

  • “Epsilon Club”: $10,000 - $24,999 – Column & Recognition on Donor plaque

  • “Three Pearls Club”: $25,000 - $49,999 – Wing or room naming opportunities & Recognition on Donor plaque

  • “Tumbling T’s Club”: $50,000+ – Canon & Recognition on Donor plaque

Make a Pledge

Checks Payable To:

Phi Sig Alumni Association

C/O Robin Sol

12919 W 129th Street

Overland Park, KS 66213

Year to date Money raised: $63,478.80

A Note from Kori Hoffman, Asst. VP of Student Affairs about the future of Phi Sigma Kappa at Northwest:

"It is not in doubt that Greek Life has been portrayed in a negative light across the country in the recent past. However, we at Northwest value the Greek Life experience and want to see it thrive. In order to do that, Dr. Jasinski tasked the Greek Life office with developing a Greek Life Visioning Plan in 2015. Today we continue to use that plan internally to guide our actions and planning to promote and develop Greek Life at Northwest. We have committed a number of resources, both personnel and monetary, to Greek Life in recent years. As part of this, we are currently in the hiring process for a Greek Life coordinator to assist with elevating Greek Life at Northwest. With additional support in place in the form of the coordinator position, we plan to develop programming, education, and training to uplift our councils and chapters.


Additionally, we have added one new NPHC chapter and have a new IFC chapter in the colony phase that should be recognized by IFC in the fall. We look forward to welcoming Phi Sigma Kappa back to campus as part of our Greek community in the fall of 2020. I understand that some, or even many, may have disagreed with the sanctions for the chapter. The decisions made were not done in order to harm Phi Sigma Kappa or Greek Life campus-wide. Those decisions were made to ensure the long-term viability of the chapter and Greek Life at Northwest. I have been in direct communication with Gen. Chris Hughes (Ret.) on a regular basis and trust that the work he continues to perform with the men will result in an improved chapter upon their return to Northwest. Let me say, unequivocally, that both the Northwest leadership and I fully support Greek Life and the Phi Sigma Kappa chapter at Northwest. We would not devote the time and resources previously mentioned if we did not support Greek Life at Northwest. We recognize and value what the Greek Life experience brings to students on our campus. We are excited to see the improved Phi Sigma Kappa chapter as part of that community and experience."

Dear PSK, 


       Gentlemen—As you consider participating in the PSK Capital Campaign this year, I would like you to consider the following:

  • 43 of the 43 men on campus successfully meet the Alumni directed Suspension Strategy. Two successfully graduated from NW in December.


  • The same 43 completed all our self-imposed developmental classes directed by the Alumni ; Leadership and the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Basic Problem Solving, Decision Making, Leader Attributes, Leadership Styles and Pitfalls. 


  • Most of the men participated in our bi-weekly (volunteer) Physical Fitness program. Many have embraced the power of wellness and continue to work out on their own this semester.  They continue to invite and challenge myself and others who may be in town!


  • There have been no significant incidents since the we began this new program in September; the leadership at 940 and our Alumni Board have established an open channel with Dr. Hoffmann designed to ensure absolute transparency.  This process has worked well and helped to ensure there are no misunderstandings between PSK and NW.


  These young men epitomize all that we hold most dear and consistently live and display our values on and off campus.  They have   shown great pride and humility during this process and I have been impressed with their maturity.

  I believe, if you choose to participate, that your investment will help to ensure the continued existence of our beloved house,     traditions, and legacy.



MG (R) Christopher P. Hughes “80” Bag Beret



Venmo:  @Robin-Sol

Capital Campaign FAQ
Can I pay or make a pledge online?
Yes, the Phi Sig Alumni Association has setup payment sections on the Giving page and Capital Campaign page where you may make a pledge to the campaign or make a one-time gift.  


What payment options do I have?

You can pay by cash, credit card, PayPal, Venmo or check.  We also accept non-monetary gifts.
To what extent is a campaign commitment tax deductible?

The Phi Sig Alumni Association is recognized as a non-profit organization by the state of Missouri with 501c7 status.  A downloadable donation receipt is available.  Please consult with your tax professional regarding any applicable deductions.  
Will my donation/pledge be confidential?
We will post all donations on the Giving page.  If you would like to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Will I be contacted directly?

Yes, you will be contacted by a committee member in the near future as we work towards our goal of raising funds for the Capital Campaign.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can reach out to any of the contacts below.  



Robin Sol - 816-210-7474

Dannen Merrill - 660-853-8699 

Nick Waldo - 913-229-2925

Mitch McDonald - 816-517-6169

Jon Lowrey - 816-726-1641
Doug Porter - 816-695-3140


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